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People suffer from acne at least at some point in their life. There are a number of reasons for its appearance. Pimple breakout is often due to hormones, genetics, or because of a person’s lifestyle. It also depends on the skin type of a person. The area of the breakout is a reflection of a person’s lifestyle. It can be very stubborn, annoying, and painful as well. People go for a number of different products and home remedies to treat their acne. These are often not very effective as the underlying cause is unknown. The Acne Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain is a professional choice where the doctor figures out the underlying cause before starting the treatment.


The treatment treats the underlying causes of zits and thus reduces the chances of reappearance of acne. It smoothens out the skin by clearing the pizza face and enhancing the appearance of the individual. The scars caused by zits are also treated improving the overall texture and quality of one’s skin.

Acne Treatment Results:

The treatment results in clear acne-free skin. The appearance of pimples is reduced and with time these are completely vanished leaving behind smooth and soft skin. The time taken to clear the skin inflammation depends on the method of treatment adopted by the skincare specialist. Some treatments show immediate results while others may have a downtime of some days or even weeks. The results are usually permanent if the individual follows a good skincare routine and avoids whatever caused the inflammation in the first place.

Acne Treatment Clinic in Abu Dhabi Acne Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Acne Treatment in Abu Dhabi

Best Acne Treatment Clinic in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Best Acne Treatment Clinic in Abu Dhabi Best Acne Treatment in Abu Dhabi

Ideal Candidate:

  • If zits make a person conscious about their appearance they are ideal for the treatment.
  • A medically fit candidate with no serious medical or skin condition
  • Somebody with not very dry skin
  • A patient with no history of cancer
  • A person who wants a clear acne-free skin
  • An individual with settled acne and constant breakout for at least some months
  • A candidate who notices scars of acne


In the initial consultation, the doctor discusses the problem areas and issues of the patient. The skin is examined thoroughly and medical history is reviewed. To confirm the underlying cause of the acne, the doctor may suggest some blood work. The doctor then suggests a number of procedures to treat acne. The method chosen depends on the expected results of the patient.

Once the treatment is decided, the doctor plans the course of action and gives a list of instructions to be followed by the patient to prepare for the treatment. The patient is to avoid any unnecessary sun exposure and keep their skin clean to avoid any complications.

Acne Treatment Options:

There are a number of different methods used for Acne Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain. These are mentioned below:

Oral Medication:

The doctor may suggest a number of oral medications to treat the underlying cause of acne. This is the foremost and the safest choice. It is recommended to the patients to reduce the acne-causing bacteria and also for hormonal balance. One of the most common drugs used for this purpose is isotretinoin.

Topical Medication:

Along with medications, the doctor may also suggest ointments to apply to the affected area. These are to be applied directly to the skin. Before applying, the skin surface should be thoroughly cleansed with the cleanser suggested by the doctor. This is often suggested during in the initial appointment and treatment is started the same day. The results may take some time but these are effective for acne. It keeps the pores clean and prevents the buildup of sebum which may result in a breakout. It also addresses bacterial infections, blackheads, and whiteheads.

Chemical Peel:

This is an in-office procedure that removes the outermost exposed layer of the skin and brings out the inner layer that is visually more clear and smooth. The results after peels are immediately visible as the appearance of pimples is reduced after a single treatment. There may however be redness on the skin right after the procedure but this usually fades away in a day or two. The candidate is to avoid sun exposure and keep the skin clean as the new skin is sensitive for the first few days.

Laser Treatment

A laser device is used to target the area affected by acne. It kills the bacteria and treats the acne-causing glands. It is a very safe and effective procedure as it does not damage the surrounding skin at all. The number of sessions depends on the skin type, size of the Acne Scars affected region, and how well the individual’s skin reacts to the laser. Different types of skin react differently to the treatment and the results may take some time but the outcome is long-term and permanent.

Light Therapy:

This is another very effective treatment for pimples also known as phototherapy. It treats stubborn zits that are not affected by other treatments. This procedure is known to kill the acne-causing bacteria on the skin. This is done as these bacteria are sensitive to certain wavelengths that produce toxins on the surface and the pores on the skin when exposed. The formation of these toxic substances kills the bacteria.  The oil-producing glands are also shrunk that causing the blocked pores.

Steroid Injection:

Certain inflammation may also be treated using injections. These contain solutions that flatten the pimples and reduce the pain. It is directly injected into the affected region and results are visible after a few days. The downtime for this procedure is less and healing also takes only a few days. These injections are generally safe if injected by an experienced dermatologist.

Skincare After Acne Treatment:

The post-procedure care is very important to get the desired results. The skin is to be kept clean at all times and any chemical products that may affect the treated region should be avoided. Only the ointments prescribed are to be applied until the skin is healed. Avoiding sun exposure, using a sunscreen with high SPF and moisturizing is just as important.

The recovery period depends on the method of treatment. Some treatments have a comparatively less recovery time than others.

Benefits & Side Effects:

Acne Treatment in Abu Dhabi has the following benefits and side effects.


  • The treatment leaves the skin pimple free
  • It enhances the confidence of a person by improving their appearance
  • It gets rid of stubborn pimples permanently and reduces the appearance of scars
  • The results are visible after a single treatment
  • Reduces the chances of skin inflammation in the future by treating the underlying causes of it
  • The treatment leaves the candidate stressed free, happy, and satisfied

Side Effects:

When carried out by trained skincare specialists, the chances of any side effects are reduced. However, some people may face temporary side effects like skin irritation, redness, or swelling. These usually take a few days to fade away after which desired results can be seen.

If not taken care of properly after the treatment there is also a risk of infection as the skin is sensitive after the procedures.

Cost of Acne Treatment in Abu Dhabi:

The average cost for Face Acne Treatment in Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 1000-2000AED depends on the method adopted by the surgeon to treat the acne. It also depends on the size of the area being treated and the complexity of the treatment. It is determined after the initial consultation by the doctor.

Consult the Best Dermatologist for Acne:

The highly qualified and experienced surgeons and doctors at the Best Acne Treatment Clinic in Abu Dhabi UAE provide the best treatments for acne. At Enfield Royal Clinic, we have proficient dermatologists who are experts in carrying out a variety of treatments, whether they are minor or major ones. Our experts provide a very friendly atmosphere that helps the candidate to openly express their concerns. We have experienced and well-trained skin specialists who work out to enhance confidence by conducting the treatment as per the desire of the candidate. So stop being bothered by the issues of the skin and have a word with our specialists!

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