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Birthmarks are something natural but they can make you feel insecure or sometimes you don’t want these on your face or body. These body marks can now be removed by Birthmarks Removal Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain. Moles removal can be eliminated to restore and boost your self-confidence. Presence of the birthmarks is an ordinary problem these days. These may be of black and brown color. Also, sometimes their appearance is not that visible as compared to the raised messy spots.

How to Define Birthmarks?

Painless black or skin-colored marks present on distinctive parts of the body will be termed birthmarks. They cause skin discoloration but are completely non-poisonous. The dimensions and color of these spots can variate with a period but sometimes they vanish away as time passes. These patterns are usually a consequence of hereditary modification. These spots are commonly removed by surgeries or lasers. The problem may evolve with time & marks would become visible on the face. The time when a person must opt for the treatment is not obvious.

Kinds of Birthmarks:

Birthmarks variates from small and simple ones to large and deep underlying spots.

Salomon Patches:

These patches are most frequently present from birth. They are mostly pink or red and seem flat and small as they are present on the baby’s face. Most of them usually vanish away within a span of 1 to 2 years. The site for these speckles is the neck backside and on or inside the eyes. Almost every time they vanish rather than become massive.

Slate Gray Nevus:

These spots are usually bluish or murky colored and exists from birthtime. These marks are completely non-dangerous and do not cause any medical condition. They are mostly oval but not always. The spine endings and buttock area usually bear these spots.

Port-wine stains:

Spots of this kind cannot go on their own even after years they need some surgery or treatment for their removal. If left untreated they become larger and darker with time. The area on which they are showing their expression may be small or large enough to surround a good part of the body.

Birthmarks Removal Treatment:

This is sometimes a laser or a surgical cure to discard body marks to provide you with clear and squeaky-clean skin. Patients can get the results within days and months between 80 to 90%.

What sort of Treatments are Available?

Relying on the type of spots and marks a patient is advised accordingly for a specific treatment.

Therapy of laser:

Marks like port-wine pigments are treated by laser therapies. The laser beam work on the spots to make them light and also to restrict their growth so that it will not be a problem in the future. These laser rays dissolve into pigmented areas and then they get burst due to heating. Children can also get the treatment as it is effective.

Surgical Treatment:

Before performing surgery patients are given local anesthesia. This treatment is invasive and is done to take out the marks which are in-depth. Patients with hemangiomas are advised to go for this treatment. The doctor will use a scalpel to clear the mark. The number of sessions varies depending on the condition of the birthmark.


In this method, anti-inflammatory medications can be inserted either through injections into the marks or they can be given to the patients by the mouth. This basically works by contracting the birthmarks and working on the blood vessels.


The results will get prominent after certain sessions. Although it may take time to get visible but the results will be long-lasting.

Laser Birthmark Removal in Abu DhabiBest Clinic for Laser Birthmark Removal in Abu DhabiBest Laser Birthmark Removal in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain

Best Laser Birthmark Removal in Abu DhabiLaser Birthmark Removal in Abu Dhabi & Al AinLaser Birthmark Removal in Abu Dhabi Clinic


  • Helps in developing dignity and morale
  • Prevent malignant cells to grow
  • Skin irritation can be removed
  • You can wear your dresses and jewelry easily
  • Clear and spotless skin


If a person is going for Birthmarks Removal Treatment In Abu Dhabi he should take the following precautions:

  • To avoid sunburn use sun blocks
  • Don’t smoke before the treatment
  • Avoid using any chemicals in that specific area
  • Shave that area before the treatment to avoid inconvenience


First of all, the doctor will give local anesthesia to the patient using a syringe. After that, the area will get cleaned using cotton, then the area will get marked so that the surgery could be done smoothly. Then the doctor will use a scalpel to cut the area and then the birthmark will be taken out of that area. Lastly, the incisions are closed by stitches, and then the doctor again cleans that area.

What to do After Treatment:

Sometimes patients face bleeding and bruising but these dim out with period. The patients are advised not to take medicines that can cause blood thinning. Avoid scratching the treated part for better recovery.

Best Candidate:

  • People who doubt their personality when in a gathering and want to get rid of these marks should go for this treatment.
  • They should have a realistic approach regarding their treatment.
  • Smokers cannot go for this treatment
  • Want to look more attractive
  • No age restrictions for this treatment

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