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People are more concerned about their skin currently. Having blemishes on your skin effect your personality. You can abolish these pigments with Dermamelan Peel In Abu Dhabi & Al Ain. This peel is formed for the removal of extra melanin from the skin. Though this peel is congenital and non-surgical it gives long-lasting effects. Spanish laboratories have worked for years to find a cure for hyperpigmentation disorders.This peel is formulated to resolve this problem. Stay away from these pigments from now on by utilizing these peels. 

How to Define this Treatment?

Melanin accumulation in the skin causes the skin to appear darker than the normal one and causes ailments including:

This peel utilizes natural acids to eliminate the melanin involve in the hyperpigmentation problems. It also enhances the tone, beam, and sparkle of the skin. In addition to the peel treatment at clinics, clients will have to take care of their skin at home with the home peel kit.


The result will be evident after 7 days of the treatment. It is significant to maintain skin care after the treatment. Most of the enhancement will be visible in the first 30 days. It will lighten your skin tone and will remove your pigments. Depending on the results patient may be treated with an extra strip after one month. Hydrated skin and beam of the skin will improve completely.

Dermamelan Peel in Abu Dhabi Dermamelan Peel Dermamelan Peel in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain

Ailments that Can be Cured by Dermamelon:


This is the situation when the skin develops dark and brown spots on the skin due to sun orientation and also hormones are involved in creating this condition.

Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation:

This is the condition when acne leaves spots on the skin. It can also occur as a side effect of some treatments and will cause pigments.

Sun Damage:

This condition happens due to direct exposure to the sun. In this situation, the skin tone becomes uneven with darker and lighter skin.


The benefits of the treatment are various. It helps:

  • Removing blotch
  • Eliminates splodges
  • Treating melasma
  • Deals with pigmentation
  • Applicable to all skin types
  • Enhance skin texture
  • Make skin smooth and shiny
  • Result spam is also fast

Ideal Candidate:

People with contusion and acne blotches can go for this procedure. People with genetically inherited uneven skin, and damaged skin due to sun harm can also try this method likewise pigmented skin can also be treated by this method. The procedure is not restricted to a specific skin type rather it can be applied to light and dark skin tones. But a person with darkly pigmented skin is perfect for dermamelan peel.

Does this Treatment Cause Pain?

This is completely painless. You just have to apply the mask and then wait for some hours. It does not cause any pain as it does not involve any surgery or incisions.

Is there any Difference Between Cosmelan and Dermamelan?

If a person is suffering from light and ordinary pigments then cosmelan can treat those. But dermamelan is used to treat the old, persistent, and extreme blotchiness.


Before the treatment candidates should avoid laser exposure. The artificially manufactured peels must not be used prior to the procedure. Also, waxing and any cosmetic product should be avoided seven days before the treatment because carelessness can result in opposite results or unwanted results. If a man is up for this treatment then he should not shave prior to treatment for around 2 days.


The procedure overall consists of two ventures. The procedure is intended to fix the dark spots and acne scars. The pigmentations due to hormonal imbalances can be cured by this method. First, the strips are placed on the face then the strips are left for almost half a day. The strips can be washed after going home. After that, the second step starts in which patients cope with the results and the skin is recovered again. In order to take care of the skin properly chemicals, balms, creams, cover, and sunblocks are also part of the procedure.


Usually, the skin is given almost 14 days for the recovery process. The patient may feel redness, irritation, miserliness, and tightness that will be gone after two weeks’ time. After every 6 months, this process can be repeated. Moreover, to increase the effectiveness of treatment some skincare is needed at home too. Stop using any kind of makeup and cosmetic products to avoid problems. Try to take shower with mild water and avoid hot showers for almost 7 days. Keep your skin a little moisturized.


The cost of the treatment varies according to the treatment quality, experience of the doctors, site of the clinic, and genre of peels used during the procedure. An aftercare kit is also involved in the treatment so the cost also depends on them also. The Dermamelan Peel In Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 599 (2 areas) & to AED 999 (4 areas).

Why Prefer Us?

This is a sensitive treatment that should be performed by a master. Our doctors are carrying out this treatment for a time. Your safety is our priority. We make sure that you get great results when you are paying. Enfield Royal Clinic has produced this peel for its patients so that they can get a smooth and even skin tone with Dermamelan Peel In Abu Dhabi & Al Ain.

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