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After almost every injury, a scar is ​​left with the person as a keepsake. Sometimes it does not cause any discomfort to its owner, and sometimes vice versa. For example, if the scar is in a prominent place like, face, neck, arms, and it is large enough in size. Of course, you can’t hide it all the time. And the only appropriate decision is to remove the hated scar. You can opt for hypertrophic scar removal in Abu Dhabi at Royal Clinic.

What Are Hypertrophic Scars?

Scar tissue is the formation of connective tissue at the site of deep damage to the skin after cuts, surgery, burns, or any other kind of trauma, like as the outcome of acne. Depending on the severity and depth, localization, and volume of damage during the healing of the wound surface, several types of scar tissue are formed

The hypertrophic scar is the result of an abnormal scarring process that appears as a layer of skin that is overdeveloped with respect to the surrounding tissue.

Hypertrophic Scar Removal Treatment:

Hypertrophic scars are the most unattractive because they tend to be large, making the scar look like a tumor. Hypertrophic scars are removed either surgically or by laser. The surgeon determines the method of removal after examining the patient, collecting medical history, and then recommends how best to remove the scar.

Currently, laser exposure is the most effective method of treating scars and scars on the face and body, recognized all over the world.


Patients will notice a faded scar after a few weeks of hypertrophic scar removal treatment, but this is not necessary. The time in which the scar will fade is different for every person and is directly related to the type of scar. No exact healing times can be calculated for everyone. Thus, visiting one session is not enough, it is recommended to go through 3-4 sessions or, according to the doctor, observe the difference in the appearance of the skin.

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People will regain their lost even and smooth skin appearance, the ultimate comfort achieved by treating a hypertrophic scar. Some benefits of hypertrophic scar removal in Dubai are:

  • Non-invasive technique
  • Painless procedure
  • Self-confidence restored
  • Smooth face and body texture
  • It eliminates annoying hypertrophic scars forever


Before undergoing the procedure, it is best to fully understand the process for hypertrophic laser removal to avoid risks and further complications. However, the doctor notes the places of treatment after examining the scar area. Several essential steps of this scar removal treatment are listed here.

  1. The procedure for hypertrophic scar removal begins with local anesthesia.
  2. Patients will be provided with safety glasses to protect their eyes from laser radiation.
  3. The doctor then continues the treatment by placing wet towels around the scars to protect healthy skin from laser pulses.
  4. After placement, the doctor will gently move the laser machine to the target area.
  5. The procedure ends with the application of topical ointments and cooling agents immediately after the procedure to eliminate skin burns and other problems.

As a result, active regenerative and reparative processes are triggered in the affected area, new collagen fibers are synthesized, and healthy skin is formed at the site of the scar or scar.

Rehabilitation And Downtime:

The rehabilitation period after laser resurfacing lasts only 2-4 days, and even with deep resurfacing, the rehabilitation period is 7-8 days. In addition, the fractional nature of the impact minimizes the risk of complications. The procedure is performed after the preliminary application of anesthesia.


The cost of hypertrophic scar removal in Abu Dhabi may range between 800 AED to 2000 AED. The doctor will determine the final price for treatment after an initial consultation, and it will be impacted by the type of scar, the laser technology that will be used, and your doctor’s

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