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To function optimally, the human body requires a balanced intake of different kinds of minerals and nutrients. Normally, food intake through the mouth is sufficient to account for the normal functioning of a body. However, in many cases, it requires alternative techniques to supplement the usual procedure. Among these techniques, Intravenous Nutrition Therapy in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain is relatively more effective, quicker, and efficient. IV (Intravenous) nutrition therapy replenishes nutrient deficiency and complements the process of healing.

The primary objective of this procedure is to deliver nutrients directly into the bloodstream. The process is quicker as it bypasses the normal digestion and the essential nutrients are added to the bloodstream through an IV line or port. If one’s not able to receive a normal amount of nutrients through diet, one’s doctor may suggest this therapy.

Essence of Treatment:

The primary aim of IV nutrition therapy is to address the issue of deficiency of essential nutrients in the human body. This not only replenishes the lack of essential minerals and nutrients but also aids in the process of healing.


The results produced through this technique are extraordinarily quick and effective. one can get the balance of essential nutrients in no time.

Best Intravenous Nutrition Therapy in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Best Intravenous Nutrition Therapy in Abu Dhabi Intravenous Nutrition Therapy Clinic in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain

Intravenous Nutrition Therapy Clinic in Abu Dhabi Intravenous Nutrition Therapy in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Intravenous Nutrition Therapy in Abu Dhabi


  • IV nutrition therapy is advantageous for various reasons. Some of them include:
  • It ensures the direct delivery of essential minerals and nutrients to the bloodstream.
  • It is the key to maintaining an optimal balance of nutrients.
  • It helps the body to remain hydrated.
  • There are no serious complications involved in the process.
  • It also helps the body improve its immunity.
  • It complements the process of healing.

Ideal Candidate:

  • Any person experiencing an imbalance of essential nutrients or dehydration can easily recover by getting IV nutrient therapy
  • This treatment can cure patients that are unable to eat by mouth for various reasons
  • If a person feels tired most of the time it may be an indication of a requirement for the therapy
  • The treatment is also helpful for the individuals who want to repair the cells that are damaged in the body
  • A detailed consultation with the doctor and blood tests may be required to confirm the type of nutrients required by the candidate

How does it work?

The nutrients and minerals are injected straight into the bloodstream throughout the procedure. It boosts the patient’s levels of energy and enhances their general health. It satisfies the body’s nutritional requirements and improves the immunity system’s performance by combating pathogens.


The patient discusses their issues and problems with the doctor in the initial consultation. The doctor then reviews the patient’s medical history and may also carry out some blood tests to check the deficiency of the nutrients (if any).

Once the initial checkup is complete, the doctor plans the treatment according to the nutrients needed by the patient and the quantity required to fulfill the needs.


  • The procedure of Intravenous Nutrition Therapy in Abu Dhabi is very simple and pain-free.
  • Using an alcohol swab the arm, where the needle is to be inserted, is first cleaned
  • The doctor then takes a fine needle attached to the IV drip and inserts it into the visible vein of the patient’s arm5
  • It takes at max 30 or 40 minutes for the nutrients to go into the person’s body through the cannula
  • In the end, the needle is then taken out and pressure is applied on the site to stop the bleeding
  • Using a small bandage it is then covered and the patient is allowed to go home

Side Effects:

One important benefit of this treatment is that there are no risks involved. The body may experience pain right after the administration of injection but it’d go away soon.


The cost of the treatment ranges from dependent upon several factors that are kept in mind by the doctor when deciding the total cost of the treatment. The factors include the current condition of the patient, the number of sessions required to achieve the desired level of nutrients in the blood, and the clinical level and location.

How long do the results last?

The results of a single session depending on the patient’s diet and their intake of proper nutrients. For some, it may last for several days or a week and then require IV therapy again. It also depends on the patient’s condition and health.

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