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Pimples are an aesthetic defect disturbing people and making them insecure about their appearance, and it can also be an omen of essential ailments. It is necessary to follow up on the person’s skin acne. Pimples Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain  and necessary precautions should be taken regarding this situation. The cause of acne should be analyzed, and a specialist doctor should be consulted when necessary.

What are Pimples?

They are pimples on the face, neck, back, and trunk, caused by the activity of the sebaceous glands, appearing as raised from the skin, and can be inflamed from time to time. It is the most common dermatological disease in adolescence. It occurs in individuals aged 12-18 years.

Pimples Treatment Results:

Most treatments aim to get rid of pimples permanently. Skin becomes entirely clear, and most of the acne disappears. The therapy allows the patient to start post-acne scar treatments.

Pimples Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Pimples Treatment in Abu Dhabi Best Pipmles Treatment Clinic in Abu Dhabi

Best Pimple Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Best Pimple Treatment Clinic in Abu Dhabi Best Pimples Treatment Clinic in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain


The treatments will have the following advantages:

  • Effectiveness: No other technology can accomplish the same results as a laser, treating acne and acne illnesses of any severity with 100% assurance.
  • Safety: Most treatments are entirely safe, and the risk of infection is virtually eliminated.
  • Non-invasive: The treatment will not cause any bruises and scarring.
  • Quick Treatment: The processing of target regions takes several minutes.
  • Nominal Side Effects: There are no adverse effects or problems.

Why do they occur?

The following factors can stimulate acne formation:

Genetic Factors:

Everyone can experience acne to some degree. However, some people have a genetic predisposition to certain types of acne. If the mother or father has had acne problems in adolescence or at any time in their life, their children are more likely to have acne.


Acne usually occurs when the body produces more of the androgen hormone. When androgen production peaks between 11-14, acne also increases. Changing hormone levels due to the menstrual cycle in young women also causes exacerbations in acne.


The closed follicle is a suitable environment for the reproduction of bacteria. It feeds on sebum and is found on everyone’s skin, whether they have acne or not. When the sebaceous gland is clogged and filled with sebum, acne bacteria multiply much more quickly.

Increased Sebum Production:

The sebaceous glands begin to produce more sebum after being stimulated by androgens. Oily sebum accumulates inside the follicle and moves upward. As sebum production increases, so does the chance of the hair follicle becoming clogged and causing pimples.

The Ideal Candidate:

The best candidate for treatment is someone looking to solve the following problems:

  • Treatment of existing acne
  • Prevention of new acne emergence
  • Reducing the risk of blemishes and scars
  • Treatment of scars

Acne/Pimple Treatment Options in Abu Dhabi:

There are several treatment options for treating pimples:

Topical Treatment:

It is the direct application of drugs to the skin by different methods. Physiological acne and pimples are seen in adolescence generally respond positively to topical treatment.


Oral drug therapy can be used in cases where topical treatment does not respond. Oral medication is recommended for patients with moderate to severe acne. Such drugs often work better when used in conjunction with topical therapy.


The creams you apply externally moisturize and nourish the upper layer of the skin. However, the cells that need nutrition and moisture in terms of cosmetic appearance, which provide the fundamental vitality and support of the skin, are found in the lower skin. It provides a more effective success in acne treatment, thanks to the fact that it exceeds the skin’s barrier function and reaches the lower layer by injection.

Herbal Peeling:

Superficial peeling for acne is peeling made with salicylic acids (BHAs). This substance more superficially affects the epidermis, the uppermost layer of the skin. It is mainly preferred in the treatment of acne, black and white spots, and secondarily in the treatment of spots. Herbal Peeling applications are performed in 6-10 sessions at 2–3-week intervals. It is also applied as a complement after Mesotherapy.

Co2 Fractional Laser:

Co2 Laser is an effective treatment used to correct the appearance of acne scars, pits, scars burn scars, and skin cracks.

Cost of Pimples Treatment in Abu Dhabi:

The cost of Pimples Treatment in Abu Dhabi can range from AED 450 to AED 4999. The doctor will determine the actual price after evaluating the condition and deciding on the treatment plan.

Consult the Best Dermatologist for Pimples:

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