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Aging results in several changes in a person’s body. One of the most obvious age-related changes is the loosening of the skin. There are several treatment options available to address these age-related changes. If you are looking for an effective minimally intrusive treatment to lift your face and provide a youthful appearance, the Sugar Thread Lift in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain is the right option. Read all about the treatment on the page below

Essence of Treatment

The main aim of the treatment is to address and encounter the early signs of facial maturing. The dissolvable threads used are aimed to lift the skin and simultaneously stimulate the tissues under the skin to produce collagen. This ultimately provides a youthful look to the recipient.  


The treatment results in an improved enhanced lifted, and youthful appearance for the recipient. The results can be seen immediately after the procedure. However, the final results are seen after several weeks once the swelling resides and the bruises fade away. These results are not permanent and last for several years at max.

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  • It has a sudden lifting effect making the recipient look fresh and youthful
  • The appearance of the recipient enhances
  • The results are instantly visible after the procedure
  • The fine lines and wrinkles are reduced
  • There is no lengthy downtime after the treatment and the patient can go on about their daily routine
  • The thread stimulates the skin to produce more collagen
  • The overall skin texture and quality are improved

Ideal Candidate

  • A medically fit and healthy person who does not suffer from any serious skin condition or disease
  • A person who is mentally prepared for the procedure
  • Someone with sagging and loose skin who wants an instant lifting
  • An individual over the age of 30
  • Someone who does not require more volume and just requires lifting
  • A person who is experiencing early signs of aging that is visible on their skin

How does it work?

The Sugar Thread Lift in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain is a minimally intrusive procedure. It works by inserting fine dissolvable threads under the skin from the lower face in an upwards direction. The skin is instantly lifted providing a youthful appearance to the recipient.


In the first consultation, the doctor discusses the problem areas, concerns, and expectations of the patient from the procedure. The medical history is reviewed and a physical examination is taken of the treatment area. When the initial checkup is complete, a list of treatment options is provided to the patient according to their current condition and expectations.

Once the treatment is decided, the doctor plans a customized treatment and provides a list of guidelines on how to prepare for the procedure. The patient is advised to

  • Stop smoking
  • Avoid alcohol consumption
  • Stop taking blood-thinning medications and supplements
  • Avoid multi-vitamin tablets
  • Not have any other cosmetic procedure on the area being treated


The treatment takes less than an hour to carry out. It is to be carried out by an experienced skin care professional to obtain the best possible results and minimize any chances of uneven results and post-op complications.

  • First, the area being treated is cleaned and disinfected thoroughly to remove any makeup and dirt
  • Using a numbing ointment or local anesthetic the region is numbed to make the procedure as comfortable as possible
  • With the help of a cannula, the sutures are then inserted under the skin from the lower face in an upwards direction
  • Tiny cones are attached to the threads inserted as they pull up the underlying tissues providing a lifting effect to the treated area.
  • The skin may initially feel a little stretched due to the threads but with time they settle down and set in place

Aftercare and Recovery

Once the procedure is complete the dermatologist provides a list of post-op instructions to minimize the risk of complications and side effects.

  • The site of sutures is not to be touched or scratched even if it is itchy
  • If any ointment is provided by the doctor, it should be applied on time according to the prescription
  • The patient is advised to take pain-relieving medications in case of pain and discomfort
  • Direct sunlight and heat should be avoided on the treated area(s)
  • A good sunblock suggested by the dermatologist should be used to protect the skin from high UV rays of the sun
  • A strenuous workout should also be avoided for the first few days

Side effects 

  • The sites of the sutures may feel pain and discomfort
  • There is a risk of infection if not taken care of properly
  • There may be redness and inflammation on the site of the stitches


The average cost of the procedure ranges from AED 125 to AED 185 per thread. It depends on the number and type of threads used by the doctor, the size of the area being treated, the expertise of the doctor, and the location of the area being treated. The final cost is decided by the dermatologist after detailed consultation and physical checkup of the treatment area.

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The skincare specialists and dermatologists at the Enfield Royal Clinic are highly specialized and experienced. The latest equipment and modern techniques used by doctors ensure guaranteed results. The environment of the clinic is kept clean and hygienic as the safety of the patients is very important. We believe in the equality of all patients and treating them all with dignity and respect. The success rate of the treatments is very high leaving the patients happy and satisfied. Visit us if you are looking for the best choice of price and quality.  

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