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The weakening of collagen in the superficial layer of the skin causes fine lines and wrinkles to appear. However, weak collagen in deeper tissue causes skin sagging and stretching. Increasing the collagen in this layer can result in skin tightening and lifting. This in return also addresses the wrinkles and lines on the skin. UItherapy in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain is one of the treatments carried out in a clinical setting to increase collagen production in the innermost layer of the skin. It sends ultrasound energy into the collagen in deeper connective tissue preventing signs of aging and helping to keep elasticity in the skin.  When it comes to aging it is easier to prevent than correct. Thus getting this treatment at a young age like the 20s will result in the prevention of aging signs. It should be known that no matter how beneficial the treatment is, it does not replace a facelift and does not give the same results.  

Essence of Treatment:

It aims to tighten and lift the skin in a non-surgical and noninvasive way. The main goal is to stimulate the skin to heal itself by producing more collagen. The innermost layer of the skin known as Fascia, which is just above the facial muscles under the dermis, is targeted so that it produces more collagen. The skin is made to improve from the inside out.


The treatment results in an improvement in the skin’s overall condition, its texture, tone, quality, etc. the results start being visible sin three to six months. These are long-lasting and may last for several years depending on how well the recipient maintains their skin.

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UItherapy in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain UItherapy in Abu Dhabi Clinic UItherapy in Abu Dhabi


  • Little to no recovery time is required after the procedure
  • The recipient does not need to take a lot of time off work  
  • No post-treatment restrictions and the recipient can go on about their daily life
  • FDA-approved non-invasive treatment for lifting and tightening
  • A single session does not take a lot of time depending on the area being treated  
  • The ultrasound energy is sent to the deeper layer of the skin without interrupting the skin surface
  • It helps to smooth out wrinkles by stimulating the deep layers of the skin to produce more collagen  
  • Nothing foreign is injected into the skin thereby no risk of rejection

Ideal Candidate:

  • Patients over the age of 20 years old
  • A person who has moderate laxity and who is not ready for the surgical facelift
  • A healthy person who does not suffer from any serious condition or disease
  • Someone who understands the treatment and is prepared for it
  • A person who has a good quality skin
  • An individual with realistic expectations from the treatment
  • Anybody who wishes to improve their skin condition

How does it work?

The UItherapy in Abu Dhabi works by targeting the fascia layer of the skin and also the dermis. These are inner layers that are targeted by the ultrasound energy to stimulate the tissues to produce more collagen. This causes the skin texture and quality to improve.  


  • First, the skin is cleaned and makeup or dirt particles are removed
  • Then the dermatologist starts by marking the treatment area in sections for the procedure
  • Then an ultrasound gel is applied to the skin
  • The skin is then scanned to adjust the ultrasound device according to the individual’s skin
  • One by one each section is treated with the ultrasound energy emitted by the device
  • The patient may feel a little discomfort especially when the device is set to the deepest settings
  • As the treatment proceeds, it gets easier
  • The patient’s skin can be seen on the screen when using the device and it also shows the depth of the skin being treated
  • The device allows see all the different layers of the patient’s skin
  • This feature also helps to target the specific inner layer of the skin which, in this case, is the Fascia. It lies just above the facial muscles and is the main layer that the dermatologist’s target
  • Along with fascia, the dermis is also targeted to stimulate the collagen production up high

Aftercare instructions:

  • Ice packs and cold compressed are advised to be used on the treated regions
  • The skin should be protected from direct sunlight and the recipient should use a good sunscreen suggested by the doctor
  • The patient should avoid unnecessary touching of the skin

Side effects:

The treatment does not yield immediate results and there might be minor swelling after the procedure. The patient may also have some bruises which are highly unlikely when carried out by an experienced professional.


The average cost of the treatment ranges from AED 1499 to AED 11999. The final cost is decided by the dermatologist after the initial consultation and checkup as there are several factors upon which the cost depends upon. These include the number of sessions required by the patient, their current condition, expected results, and the doctor’s experience.

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