Tationil Glutathione in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Cost & Price

People in different parts of the world give beauty the meaning they want and set standards according to their thinking. But having white skin is considered to be the main beauty icon in almost every part of the world. But how to get to that beauty standard when you are not naturally that white or do not have glowy or spotless skin? Obviously, we are here to provide you with Tationil Glutathione in Abu Dhabi that will provide you with the outcomes you want. Also, the treatment is cost-effective and gives instant results. The side effects are also none with a 100% success rate.

What is Tationil Glutathione? 

A nutrient that is made from glycine, cystine, and glutamate is glutathione. This is an essential nutrient present naturally in the body and it helps in different body processes one of which is to maintain the perfect skin tone but the deficiency of this element in the blood can make your skin dull that’s why it is also inserted directly into the bloodstream to enhance the new cell growth and collagen which cause the skin to get restored. The toxins in the body get destroyed and make the immune system strong.

Tationil Glutathione injections are a form of glutathione injectable in which the injection contains the tationil with a certain amount of distilled water. The insertion of this is also done directly into the intravenous. The amount of Tationil is around 600 mg. This is really effective in removing the dark pots from the skin and transforming it into a clear and brighter tone. Different industries provide these injections at distinctive prices. 


The outcomes of the treatment get visible after three weeks when the treatment is done. Your immune system will get strong and you will get freshened skin clear of wrinkles as well as lines. The outcomes depend on the quality of glutathione being used. 


When discussing the benefits of the treatment we should mention the following;

  • Skin will get rejuvenated by the treatment
  • The immune system is strengthened by the process
  • Toxins and free radicals present inside the body get eliminated by the injections
  • Injections are easy to insert and cause immediate effects
  • No downtime required
  • A painless treatment 
  • It recovers the liver of the patient
  • The overall procedure time is short 

 Who is the Ideal Candidate?

A person can be treated by Tationil Glutathione in Abu Dhabi if the following characteristics are present on the individual;

  • If you are a person with black spots and patches then you are a perfect candidate for the treatment
  • People with sun burnt issues can also opt for the process
  • Individuals who want to lighten their skin tone and convert their dull skin to a brighter and young one.
  • You should have a healthy physical and mental health
  • You hold no medical history
  • You are an adult


In order to start the process, the doctor will first clean the area where the injections have to be applied. Then the injections will be injected into the skin which will enter the bloodstream making an impact on the body immediately. One of the plus points of the treatment is that it will be finished in 30 minutes or 1 hour and the patient can get back home on the same day.   

Side Effects:

The risks related to the treatment are almost none. You may experience some sort of redness or bruising but these will wipe out in some time. To avoid the side effects to the possible you should get ministered by an expert doctor. To eliminate the infection or irritation feeling you can use ice if you want. 

Why Enfield Royal Clinic? 

We are providing these skin whitening injections in Abu Dhabi at a reasonable price that everyone can afford. Professionals at Enfield Royal Clinic are well qualified and know how to exactly proceed with the injectables. Our atmosphere is hygienic and we use sterilize instruments to carry out all the procedures in our clinic. You should have a comfortable environment while getting treated and we take care of it.

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