IV Drip Therapy in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain IV Vitamin Therapy

The introduction of the minerals, vitamins, and other vital drugs directly into the bloodstream is highly effective. The body absorbs these minerals at a much greater rate as compared to taking them orally. It increases the energy levels of a person, helps a person lose weight, and also increases the metabolism of the recipient. It is very effective for the recipient’s weight loss program. Read all about IV Drip Therapy in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain on the page below. 


The impact of infusion treatment on the human body is complex and relies on the medicine supplied, how much is injected, how quickly it is delivered, how it is performed, how effectively the body’s primary life support systems are functioning, and more.


  • The procedure is simple and safe to carry out
  • No recovery time is required after the treatment
  • The recipient can go on about their daily life after the procedure
  • The minerals and vitamins are replaced
  • The treatment increases the recipient’s immunity
  • It gives the recipient energy and strength
  • The person’s resistance to viruses and bacteria increases

 Ideal Candidate:

  • An overall healthy person with no serious disease or condition
  • Women who are not pregnant or lactating
  • Someone who wishes to lose weight
  • Anyone with an imbalanced minerals and vitamins
  • An individual who does not suffer from conditions like blood clotting


During the initial consultation, the doctor reviews the patient’s medical history and discusses the expectation of the treatment. The doctor may also carry out some blood work to check if the patient is suffering from any deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, liquids, electrolytes, and oxidants. After completing the initial checkup, the doctor plans a customized treatment according to the patient’s current condition, expectations, level of deficiencies, allergies, age, etc.  

Types of IV drips:

The type of drip chosen by the doctor for IV Drip Therapy in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain depends on the person’s current condition and their expected results. 

Immunity booster

Always being in shape and feeling healthy is crucial for someone who is working and actively engaged. However, it is quite cha:llenging to shield oneself from a cold’s symptoms. Receiving this treatment will enhance health and avoid viral illnesses.

Active training

In this component of the intravenous infusion, ascorbate has a role in the metabolism of tyrosine, carbohydrates, fat, and proteins, as well as iron, which triggers the production of steroid hormones. It increases blood flow, which has the effect of speeding the process of healing following strenuous exercise.

Weight loss

When drip is used, the body starts to battle additional weight on its own and develop essential muscular strength. Trained physicians carry out the procedure. A person may greatly enhance their physique and boost the immune system with the use of this weight-loss treatment.


The treatment is recommended for alcohol toxicity following chronic drug usage. People frequently turn to it to purify their blood when they decide to alter their habits, convert to correct eating, and fat loss.


A person who receives anti-stress treatment is relieved of their everyday stress and tiredness. It strengthens a person and equips them to handle the everyday strain.


A glutathione deficit, which may be treated intravenously, is among the key factors in aging. It has a revitalizing impact on the recipient and keeps the skin looking beautiful and young for a very long period.

Energy and hydration booster

It causes effective lipid metabolism and the emission of lipid acid-based energy. satisfies the need for critical minerals and vitamins for intense physical exertion.


The average cost of the treatment ranges from AED 700 to AED 1000 per session. It depends on the current condition of the patient, the number of sessions required, the level of the clinic, and the doctor’s expertise. The doctor determines the final cost after keeping in mind all the factors affecting the cost.

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The doctors and surgeons at the Enfield Royal clinic are highly specialized and experienced professionals. They use the best and latest technology and modern techniques to ensure effective treatments that provide desired results. The success rates of the treatments offered are very high and it leaves the clients satisfied and happy. The well-trained and friendly staff of the clinic provides a comfortable and relaxing environment for the clients and patients. Patient safety is our number one priority thereby all the Covid 19 protocols are strictly followed. We treat all the patients equally with dignity and respect. Visit our clinic if you are looking for the best choice of price and quality!

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