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Everybody goes through the process of aging. It is not always pleasant for people. The skin becomes loose and wrinkles appear. The volume also decreases making the face seem hollow. This shows the signs of aging. Wrinkles, creases, and scars on one’s face lead to the loss of confidence and self-esteem. As aging leaves its mark on the face, this has an impact on how a person perceives itself in relation to others. A face full of signs of aging leaves one to whine about the miseries of getting older and hence the loss of energy, youthfulness, and vigor.

People start using a number of cosmetic products to cover up these signs of aging. These are often time-consuming and may take a very long time to see the results. In order to get rid of these signs, a person can go for more cost-effective and less time-consuming treatment. The Filler Injections in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain work like a wonder on a person’s face. These provide the lost volume, get rid of the wrinkles, and give the person a younger appearance.

Essence of Treatment:

The treatment aims to provide volume and freshness to the face. They enhance the look of facial wrinkles and volume loss caused by aging as well as certain medical disorders by injecting them into the face and hands.


The effects of the injections are immediate. Right after the procedure, visible results can be seen. However, it takes time for the fillers to settle, and with time the results improve. Initially, there can be some bruises or swelling that fade away in a week. Different fillers take different amounts of time to settle.


  • Filler injections are key to restoring the freshness and youthfulness of a person’s face.
  • Filler injections allow one to get rid of the negative effects of aging
  • It restores youthfulness through the procedure that makes up for the loss of volume
  • They enhance the appearance making the person more confident with themselves and in the public settings
  • There is almost no downtime after the procedure
  • It provides long-term but reversible results
  • The results are very natural if performed by an expert skin care professional

Ideal Candidate:

  • An overall medically and mentally healthy individual is a good candidate for the procedure
  • Somebody who wishes to rejuvenate their appearance without any surgical procedures
  • A person needs to have realistic expectations from the injections
  • Any person who wants to fill the hollowness in their face
  • A person who does not suffer from an allergic reaction to the injections

How Do Filler Injections Work?

Filler Injections in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain function by filling up low-volume regions with a gel-like solution. To put it another way, fillers work by injecting Hyaluronic acid into the face and hands to make them softer and more elastic. The fine gel particles stay in place for a long period, allowing desired effects to linger.


The doctor starts by discussing the issues and concerns of the patient and their expectation regarding the treatment. The doctor then takes an initial examination of the patient in which skin thickness; flexibility, hollowness, eye bags presence, and the positioning of the orbital rim are all assessed.

Keeping in mind all of these, the doctor suggests the different types of fillers that provide desired results. These are then tested on a small area to make sure the patient is not allergic.

Before the treatment, the doctor gives a list of things to avoid. These include blood-thinning medications and things that may react with the solution and result in complications.


  • This non-invasive procedure is carried out in a clinical setting
  • The area is first cleansed and then marked where injections are to be injected
  • Using topical anesthesia the region is numbed to avoid any discomfort
  • Then using a fine needle the surgeon injects some proportion of the solution into a number of places
  • The total time taken for the procedure is only a few minutes

Aftercare and Recovery:

  • A list of aftercare instructions is given to the patient to get desired results.
  • For the swelling and bruising, an individual is to apply an ice pack to the treated region.
  • To avoid discomfort, some painkiller medications may be prescribed by the doctor
  • In case a person feels lumps forming on the treated region, they are to massage the area for a few minutes
  • For the first 4 hours, the person is to stay upright
  • The sun exposure is also to be avoided for a few days until completely healed
  • The recovery generally does not take a lot of time. It may take a week or 2 for the side effects to fade and for the fillers to settle.

Side Effects:

There are some minor possible side effects that a person may experience after getting the injections. These may include redness and swelling on the face. The person may also experience some pain and itching in the area where the substance is injected. These usually take a few days to fade away.

Cost of Filler Injections in Abu Dhabi:

The Average Cost of Filler Injections in Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 1,200 to AED 2500. The actual cost depends on the type and amount of fillers used by the surgeon. It is determined by the doctor after the initial consultation.

How Long Do The Results Last?

The results depend on the type and amount of fillers used. Some last for up to a year while others can even last for several years. If you want a long-lasting effect of the treatment, discuss it with the surgeon so that the filler that lasts for long is used to rejuvenate the skin.

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