P-shot in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain is performed by extracting PRP from the blood and putting it inside the penile. The cells and tissues are taken from the competitor and put into the tissues of the penile to deliver the advancement of tissues and give great erections. It is usually called a Priapus shot.

‘PRP’ is the platelet-rich plasma that includes putting a group of platelets from the client’s blood into their body. These are entrapped in recuperating the injury ordinarily and blood coagulating.


As per Enfield Royal Clinic, the method is utilized to treat the defectiveness of the erectile, disease of Peyronie in which tissue of scar makes a curve to the penis when it is erect, expand of the penis, enhancing the orgasm, action, and sexual activity.

Apart from this, in the penile, the blood flow is increased, and the feeling is enhanced with PRP by restoring the growth of the nerve. Several individuals have outlined the experience of an enhancement in dimension and width. Moreover, no time for recovery is linked with the P-shots as it is not a surgical method.


P-Shot Injection in Abu Dhabi generates the enhancement in the dimension of the penis and the contender can attain a reduction in the curviness, stiffness, and power of the erection, and a bigger penile, and after the method is carried out. The method is guarded, this reason is it is carried out through PRP taken from the blood of the contender. So there is no symptom of any adverse reaction.

How Long do Results Last?

The durability of the method will be long-term for some years but following the sessions can enhance the effects, which will last for a long duration.

Perfect Candidate:

Enfield Royal Clinic has criteria for an ideal candidacy, this includes anyone undergoing the dysfunction of the erectile or any other problem of the penile. There is no strict standard for a good candidate to be, this process is best for clients:

  • Clients have the fear of going under the knife.
  • One needs to have good health physical and mental for the process.
  • The client must not have any bleeding issues.
  • Avoiding a long time for recovery.


There is not much a client needs to get ready for, but a few things are done are as follows:

  • Blood tests will be acquired to be assured about the overall health.
  • The medical history of the client will be asked.
  • Platelets, blood, and plasma should be healthy.
  • Platelets are settling.
  • The contender should not be undergoing any bleeding issues.


The method will be carried out to:

  • Stamina is boosted meanwhile sex.
  • The flow of the blood is improved.
  • In a few cells, the response is renovated.
  • Refinement in the sensation of nerves.
  • Penile is more sensitive.
  • Libido will be enhanced.
  • The length and width will be enhanced.
  • The orgasm will be more intensified and powerful.
  • Establishment of new progression of neural.

How Is It Performed?

The client will be able to get back to work soon after the completion of the method, the process of P-Shot Injection in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain involves a few steps:

  • On the genital part, a lotion will be put on.
  • From the arm of the client, samples of blood will be extracted into a cylinder.
  • PRP is separated and the cylinder to be examined will be put to disperse the elements of the blood.
  • Eliminate the PRP from the tube of testing and placed it inside two different injections.
  • Into the pole of penile, it is injected, it will require 4-5 injections to complete the method.
  • At last, the specialist will give the individual a pump for the penile to ease you into getting blood inside the penis and make assure that the PRP is functioning as forecasted.
  • The individual will be instructed to repetitively perform this for 15 minutes for some weeks.


On the same day, the client will be able to get back to normal chores. Some more tips will be instructed to follow, including:

  • For 3 days at least restrain from having sexual activity.
  • Limit the activities that are physical for some days.
  • Try not to sweat so you don’t feel any discomfort in the region.
  • Apply any lotion if prescribed by the physician.

How much does P-Shot Cost?

As per Enfield Royal Clinic, the standard price of the P-Shot Treatment ranges from AED 3500 to AED 5500. 

A few components might impact the cost of the process, including:

  • Session required.
  • Type of method opted for.
  • The expertise of the specialist.
  • The locality of the clinic.
  • Condition of penile.
  • Anesthesia used.
  • The complexity of the method.

The Secret To Our Happy Customers!

P-Shot Injection Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain is capable of delivering desirable outcomes that make the client content and satisfied. If anyone is appealing to have the method then don’t hesitate and let us sort out your concern, we are here for you. For a memorable experience consult our experts and have the amazing perks of the method.