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The overall structure of the face is highly affected by the shape of the chin. If a person has a well-defined chin and a jawline the face appears to be slim and young. However, the presence of a wide chin makes the face look fat and chubby. A chubby face gives a healthy look to the person.

The fat under the chin is usually stubborn and is unaffected by workouts and a balanced diet as well. To get rid of these extra fats and to make the face look slim, the individual can get professional help and go for Chin Reduction in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain. The treatment helps the person get a well-defined chin and jawline making them look slim.

Essence Of Treatment:

The treatment also known as mentoplasty aims to reshape the chin making it slim and narrow thus improving the overall appearance of the individual.  The extra bone is removed through a surgical procedure manually. This makes a person look slim and fit. The look of the lower jawline is enhanced and the neck area is also ameliorated.


The procedure results in an improved appearance of the chin by reducing it. It makes the chin look flat, slim, and defined. The overall look of a person looks slimmer and healthier. The neckline along with the jawline looks more youthful and firm.


  • The extra bone is removed from the chin area
  • The procedure reshapes the chin enhancing its appearance
  • The appearance of a wide chin is eliminated
  • Improves the overall look of the face
  • The side view of the face is improved
  • The treatment is very effective safe to carry out
  • Results of the procedure are guaranteed
  • It is a permanent solution to get rid of a wide chin

Ideal Candidate:

A good candidate for the treatment is

  • A physically healthy candidate who does not suffer from any serious medical condition
  • A person who is mentally prepared for the surgical procedure
  • Somebody with a chin big enough that needs reduction
  • An individual with realistic expectations with the surgery
  • A candidate who is not on any blood-thinning medications
  • Anybody who is not satisfied with how their chin looks

How Does it Work?

The Chin Reduction in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain works by removing all the unwanted and unnecessary bone under the chin that makes it look wide. It also removes the stubborn fatty tissues that are often unaffected by intensive workouts or even by chin exercises. The surgeon manually removes the excess bone and reduces the size of the chin bone by proper surgical method.


In the first consultation, the surgeon discusses the problem areas, issues, and concerns of the patients. The surgeon then takes a physical examination and may also draw some blood for blood tests to confirm if the patient is ideal for the treatment. Once the initial check-up is complete, the doctor gives a list of instructions to prepare the candidate for the treatment.

The patient is to avoid taking any blood-thinning medications for days before the surgery. Smoking is also to be avoided as it affects the healing process.


The treatment also known as Mentoplasty is carried out under local or general anesthesia. The use of anesthesia depends on the patient’s and the surgeon’s choice.

  • The surgeon makes a cut under the chin or inside the mouth
  • Through this incision, a part of the bone on the jawline is removed
  • After removing the excess bone, the chin is then reshaped
  • The surgeon may use plates and wires for the reshaping purpose
  • The incision is then sutured using dissolvable or removable stitches
  • The use of the type of stitches depends on the patient’s and doctor’s choice. Mostly dissolvable stitches are preferred for this procedure.
  • The doctor then applies a bandage on the stitched area to prevent infection and excess bleeding

Aftercare And Recovery:

Post-op care is very important to achieving desired results. A list of instructions is given to be followed by the patient to avoid any post-surgery complications.

  • The surgical site is to be kept clean and dry to avoid any chances of infection
  • The patient should not do the heavy lifting as it can affect the results of the treatment
  • The intensive workout should also be avoided as they can cause sweating that can affect the healing process
  • Smoking is also to be avoided for weeks as it can affect the healing as well
  • The area is bandaged that is to be changed in a day or two after cleaning the site of surgery

The recovery time of the treatment depends on the immunity of the patient and how well they heal. It ranges from 2 weeks to a month. And in a week, the patient can go back to work and resume their daily routine in two weeks.

Side Effects:

There are minimal side effects of the procedure just like any other surgical treatment. Some of these side effects include

  • Swelling under the chin area after the procedure
  • Risk of infection on the surgical site
  • In the case of the use of anesthesia, there are risks of complications related to it
  • The patient may suffer from some bruising on and around the treated region


The average cost of the Chin Reduction in Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 1,000 to AED 7,000. The actual cost of the treatment depends on the number of sessions required, the complexity of the procedure, and also the method of treatment opted by the surgeon. The doctor determines the final cost after the initial consultation.

How Long Do The Results Last?

The results of the procedure are permanent and last for a lifetime. The bone is permanently removed from the chin and it does not grow back. The results depend on the aftercare and how well the patient heals.

Why Get The Treatment?

If a person is unsatisfied with how big or wide their chin appears, they can get the surgery for purely aesthetic purposes. It addresses the person’s wish to have a defined jawline under the chin. This is also done for medical purposes for jaw correction.

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The surgeons at the Enfield Royal Clinic are highly qualified and experienced. They are well trained to perform all kinds of surgeries no matter how complicated the procedure may be. The friendly environment and the effective results leave the patients satisfied and happy.

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