Best Gingivitis Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Cost & Price

Do not allow further bacterial invasions due to gingivitis disease. Treat it now!

People with gum disease are increasing these days due to their dietary habits and non-serious behavior regarding teeth cleaning. Some people have this disease naturally and this gets worse with time and swelling on the mandibles increase. Bad mouth hygiene can cause this condition to develop which will lead to other problems like tooth pain, periodontitis, and tooth loss. This problem can be treated by Enfield Royal Clinic’s best Gingivitis Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain and you can achieve a beautiful smile.

How to Define Gingivitis?

Swelling around the teeth and pain in them arises a condition called gingivitis. The reasons for the problem can be many but the root source for the problem is the plaque deposit between and on the teeth. Also, there are certain bacterial invasions that provoke gingiva illness. Gingivitis is an alarm for other complicated situations that will result in loss of tooth and severe tooth pain. Periodontitis is one of the conditions that can be an outcome of the illness.

Consequences of the Treatment:

Before going for a certain treatment a patient should know everything about the procedure and what difference it will make. The outcomes of the treatment will be straight and smooth gums and there will be no inflammation. The smiling beauty will enhance. The results of the treatment remain permanent if the patient takes care of the hygiene properly after the treatment.

The Benefit of the Treatment:

  • Enhanced smile
  • No plaque
  • Eliminated bacteria
  • Remove  bad breath 
  • Boost confidence
  • No redness on the gums
  • No downtime 
  • Eliminate blood coming out of the mouth

Gingivitis Symptoms:

If you are going through the below-mentioned symptoms then you are having the gum illness;

  • Swelling on the gingiva 
  • Reddish gums 
  • Bad smell from the mouth 
  • Gum Bleeding while teeth brushing
  • Gummy teeth 
  • Loose teeth 
  • Receding teeth

When you notice such signs you should consult a doctor so that your problem can get solved and the chances of further gum problems will be reduced.

What is Gingivitis Cause?

Causes of Gingivitis can be many but the main reason that can cause the condition is the 

  • plaque on teeth 
  • Tartar on teeth 
  • Swelling gums
  • Bacteria present in the teeth
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Extra carbohydrates in the diet 
  • Unhealthy sugar
  • Smoking
  • Changes in hormones
  • Medicines that affect the stomach
  • Damaged teeth 

When is the Perfect Time to consult a Doctor?

When you observe lifted-up bleeding from gums and bad smelly breath that makes you suffer when you talk with people then you need to have a clinic visit. Red gums can affect your tooth appearance. Loose teeth can be a sign of urgent gum treatment. Swelling in the gums and puffy gingiva is a signs of the need to consult a dentist. To hold the other diseases related to the gums the patient should pay attention to the alarming gum situation.

Gingivitis Treatment Options at Our Clinic:

Gingivitis Treatment in Abu Dhabi connected to gingivitis is various such as the cleaning of the teeth, laser therapy, and surgeries. The treatment for which a patient is going depends on the condition of the teeth and the decision of the doctor.

Polishing and Scaling:

The first step in the treatment of gingivitis is the cleaning and removing of plaque & tartar from the teeth. This removal of plaque will help in eliminating the swelling gradually and result in complete treatment of the disease. For this, the technique of scaling and polishing will be done in which the dentist will use an instrument that will scratch out the tartar from the teeth.

Treatment through Laser:

The swelled gingiva of the patient will be targeted in this treatment. The doctor will apply the laser on the affected tissues to scratch the tartar and plaque that contains bacteria and infectious particles. With the removal of these, the gumline will restore its natural health and the patient will recover.

Surgical Cure:

This is also the removal of the tartar and decayed particles from the teeth by deep cleaning. The doctor will uplift the gingiva to withdraw the bacterial plaque so that the teeth can regain their natural look and aesthetics. This uplifting will be accomplished by the cutting of gums. This method is recommended when the other treatment fails to treat gingivitis.


  • Irritation
  • Swelling
  • Bleeding

How to Prevent Gingivitis?

It’s always better to do pre-care than doing a treatment for the developed disease. If someone really wants that such sort of teeth conditions not develop then he/she should follow proper teeth flossing and cleaning routine. Try to utilize gingivitis treatment mouth wash and fresheners to keep bacteria and germs out of the mouth. Also, do proper checkups regularly to be aware of the teeth condition. Go for professional cleaning to keep your teeth clean. Do not take medicines that can damage your gums and cause gum diseases. 

Price of the Treatment:

The gingivitis treatment cost varies from AED 1200 TO AED 1500. The price for different procedures fluctuates depending on the sensitivity and complexity of the process. Other factors that will decide the cost are;

  • Standard of the clinic
  • Site of the clinic
  • The expertise or qualification of the doctor
  • Experience of the doctor
  • The demand of the dentist
  • Results of the treatment

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