Chronic wounds in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain | Chronic Wound Treatment

The skin’s principal role is to shield the body from harm from the surroundings. When the skin is impaired, its essential role in immunity is jeopardized, resulting in significant skin disease.

Chronic wounds are commonly referred to be an emergencies since they are identified at an astonishing rate and place a significant financial-economic strain on our public health system. It has always been a difficult battle in therapeutic practice, which not only cause bodily and emotional suffering in individuals but also places tremendous weight on the community.

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Aim of the treatment:

The treatment of wounds aims to heal them and decrease their size and regulate the blood flow to the area. It also keeps the wound wet which is meant to increase the process of healing.


The therapy results in the repair of lost cell structures and skin layers after the recovery period is finished. A patient produces more collagen which results in enhanced function of the epidermis.


  • It reduces the time required for the healing of the wounds significantly
  • The collagen production is increased
  • The risk of infection in the wound is reduced
  • The formations of new cells are increased which speeds up the healing process
  • The formation of the skin is encouraged
  • The scarring is less and acceptable

Ideal candidates:

  • If you suffer from a wound that has not healed in two months
  • Someone who is in mental and physical pain due to their wound
  • Patients at risk of infection due to the wound
  • People with realistic expectations from the treatment
  • An individual who understands the treatment and is ready for post-op care


The treatment of Chronic wounds in Abu Dhabi starts with a detailed and thorough checkup and consultation with a skin care specialist. The wound is checked for any type of infection and the doctor may also carry out some blood tests to check the type of wound. The medical history of the patient is also reviewed by the doctor. When the initial checkup is complete, a list of possible treatments is provided to the patient and the technique to be used is then decided.

After deciding the method to be used, the doctor plans the treatment accordingly and provides a list of instructions to the candidate to prepare them for the surgery. Blood-thinning medications and any other medicine that could affect the treatment are advised to be stopped. Smoking and consumption of alcohol are also to be avoided by the patient as they can affect wound healing.

Techniques used by the Dermatologist:


Debridement can be done to eliminate damaged and unhealthy skin as well as unwanted materials from chronic wounds. The treatment has been found to speed up tissue repair and is considered an important component of wound treatment.

Wound Dressing:

Collagen dressings are available that are most typically used on chronic wounds that are recovering slowly or halted. Wound bandages aid in the protection and healing of the tissue.

Negative Pressure Wound therapy:

The lesion is covered completely using specific dressings comprised of spongy cloth or cotton in negative pressure wound care. The skin discharges are removed by a compressor attached to the dressings by a tiny tube, which decreases the tension-affected skin and increases the blood circulation to the area.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT):

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a therapy that boosts oxygen levels in lesions that aren’t responsive to previous therapies. Individuals who participate in HBOT breathe pure oxygen in a purpose-constructed pressure chamber.

Skin Grafts:

This therapy is advised for large injuries. It entails the transplantation of skin grafts from other regions of the body, most commonly the legs, into the wound location. This speeds up the healing of wounds that haven’t recovered properly.


The recovery period depends on the technique used by the skin specialist. It varies for each person as everybody has a different healing capability and immune system. After the treatment, the doctor gives an estimated time for healing. A list of guidelines is also provided on how to care for the wound to pace up the healing process and avoid any complications.


The average cost for the treatment of Chronic wounds in Abu Dhabi varies for each patient depending on several factors. These include the type and size of the wound, the complexity of the treatment, number of sessions required, the method used to treat the wounds, and the expertise of the doctor carrying out the treatment. The final cost is decided by the doctor after the initial checkup and consultation.

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